Fewer Than 200 Sheriff Clarke Bobbleheads Left

My Friend,

You’re running out of time to claim your gigantic TALKING bobblehead of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.

Due to the heavy demand, the Official Draft Sheriff Clarke for Senate Campaign can reserve your bobblehead for only seven more days before we have to offer it to another conservative.
It’s “The People’s Sheriff” saluting with his right hand, and reaching across the aisle to choke some liberal with his left: a 12” version of the one Sheriff Clarke signed for us at CPAC!
It’s a cocky, real-life representation of the conservative black Sheriff’s now famous quip at the inauguration’s “Deploraball,” where he said, “The only reason I’ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat!” 
A truly magnificent line that no other Republican Senator would ever have the stones to say!  We HAVE to get this man into the SENATE! And yes, those words play – in the Sheriff’s own voice – when a button on the base of the bobblehead is depressed!
The bobblehead also plays these iconic lines:
“I don’t take no crap from the Left.”
“I’m not afraid to get my knuckles bloody.”
“I play smash mouth politics.  I think you’ve noticed that.”
Bold and courageous, like the Sheriff himself.  (Plus two additional lines you can appreciate at home when your bobblehead arrives!)
Sheriff Clarke needs to know you’re behind him in a race against the unbelievably liberal extremist Tammy Baldwin (ACU rating of 0%, statistically the worst Senator in the country), and we need to know you’re with us.
Wisconsin is a GOP-controlled state that Trump carried.  David A. Clarke, Jr. is a cop with a 40-year career in law enforcement, and a life-long resident of its largest and most liberal county (Milwaukee), where he has won four consecutive elections, most recently with 79% of the vote.
For comparison’s sake, President Trump carried Wisconsin, but got only 29% of the vote in that same County.  If Clarke runs, he wins, and our expensive professional polling says the same thing: he is Wisconsin’s best bet against incumbent Tammy Baldwin.
Known as “the lesbian peace hippy,” Baldwin is the 30-year career politician who leads the “Socialist Progressive Caucus,” despises our military, hates Israel, supports Sanctuary cities, and never misses an opportunity to brag that she’s the nation’s highest ranked “out lesbian activist.”
So extreme is this nut job that she voted against the defense budget 11 consecutive times, and has proposed a new Cabinet-level position called the “Secretary of Peace and Non-Violence.”  What a joke! 
Baldwin’s vote gave us ObamaCare, and while everybody else is desperately trying to roll back the ObamaCare nightmare, she confessed to the media, “I actually was for a government takeover of medicine.”

Are you reading that, folks?  She wanted the same system for us they use in Cuba and much of the Third World. Three words: WORSE THAN BERNIE.

It is the strangest mismatch of State and Senator that exists in the country, which is why she squeaked through with a mere 51% of the vote in her most recent election.
If Sheriff David Clarke runs, he wins.  It is becoming more and more evident that Sheriff Clarke wants to run.  Two years ago he told the NRA “I’m not running for any higher office — YET!”  
Only days after the Sheriff spoke to our Draft Committee Reception in his honor at CPAC (hosted by Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth), Sheriff Clarke told Fox News that he is giving it serious consideration, and “would never say never”(exactly what President Trump told Oprah years ago).
This week he told National Review that “life is full of opportunities,” that leadership is a calling, and that he will pray about the question and serve if he is called.
Let’s not be naive.  The man wants to run.  He just can’t say so while he’s still in the middle of his term as the elected Sheriff of Milwaukee County, and we should all understand that. The problem is that while he is waiting to announce at an appropriate time, Tammy Baldwin is raising money and building her army and doing everything she can to demonize David.  WE GOTTA RAISE MONEY AND FIGHT BACK!  
They’re running billboards in Milwaukee right now that say he is killing prisoners in his jail! We need TV ads, radio spots, and our own billboards to respond before the Left does any more damage to the Sheriff’s reputation.  This is crunch time, folks.  The fact the election is next year means nothing if Baldwin gets a free year bashing Clarke with no response.
How great would it be to replace a whacked out SOCIALIST with a great American patriot like Sheriff David Clarke?
Thanks and God Bless.
Kay R. Daly

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